Elite Runners The race point is counted in the record of the Vertical World Circuit. All the elite runners must meet the qualification and have received an approval from the event organizer in order to run in this category.

Male and Female Elite Athletes (30 Domestic / 20 International)

Qualification ・Participants must be 18 years old or older by the race day. ・Participant must meet the following conditions. 【 Participants with the race records of marathon 】All the participants qualified for this category must be faster than the following time: 【 Men 】Full Marathon (42.195 km) 2 Hours 45 Minutes or faster Half Marathon (21km) 1 Hour 20 Minutes or faster 【 Women 】Full Marathon (42.195 km) 3 Hours 13 Minutes or faster Half Marathon  (21km) 1 Hour 35 Minutes or faster

Participants without the race records of marathon If the participants who wish to run as the elite runner without any marathon race records, please send us the race record or experience of other sports races.

Required Items for Elite Runners. End of reception

Note ※If your e-mail account rejects junk messages, please review your e-mail account setting to accept
 our e-mail address: harukasskyrun@japan-verticalrun.jp.⃝We will send the selection result to the e-mail address that we received from you in August.⃝The deadline of the registration for elite runners is effective by Monday, August 7th. 
 Please note that we do not accept any registration later than the date of the deadline.⃝Please note that we cannot guarantee all the qualified participants
 can register for the elite runner’s category even if they are qualified.

Entry Fee 10,000 JPY, tax included

Award(Men and Women)【Champion】Prize 300,000 JPY【Second Winner】Prize 150,000 JPY【Third Winner】Prize 70,000 JPY【Finisher】Finisher Certificate

Sponsorship:Astrakhan Osaka inc, Meeting inc.

Co-host:City of Osaka

Support:Osaka Visitors' Guide